Wednesday, July 4, 2012

alpine's on fire

It's a little too close for comfort
and bringing back some memories of the fire that occurred here 
12 years ago just a ridge over.

So far homes are safe,
only one barn burned,
but many are evacuated and more are on stand-by.

I've got my list made and things somewhat gathered
but really, what do you grab?
Diapers made the list as those things are so darn expensive,
photo books,
important files,
and naturally our bikes.
Of course our bikes.

I don't think it'll come to an evacuation
but watching those flames climb the mountain in a matter of minutes
really put my booty in gear to organize myself.

USA's birthday will be a little different today
with the lack of fireworks (which is totally fine by me!)
but not all birthdays need fireworks.
Just a really good bbq or two.
Happy 4th and stay safe. 

above pic from the view of our street