Thursday, February 21, 2013

the living planet aquarium

For our President's Day we celebrated royally at the Living Planet Aquarium.  Myer's been obsessed with fish lately (we may or may not watch Finding Nemo on a regular basis) so everything was "Nemo!", "Dori!", "Brrruce!", "Dude!", and " haha". We felt like awesome parents standing next to the kids who actually called the fish by their real names.  

We saw penguins, sea horses, snakes, jelly fish, electric eels, and otters. Otters! They were cute, playful, and busy.  Kinda reminded me of a small little red head that I chased around the aquarium all morning...

We are planning a trip to San Diego in April, and we can't wait to see Myer's face when he sees the Zoo and Sea World.  So this was a little taste but a big success!  We are so excited now.  But now we just need to learn the names of the animals in the Lion King so we won't be yelling out "Scar" and "Seemba".  We'll work on it.