Thursday, June 14, 2012

and he walks!

On Sunday M and I were out roaming the halls, as usual, and found another little boy his age.  But this little boy was walking all by himself.  Now, up until this point Myer could walk but he wouldn't let go of my finger.  And my finger really didn't help, he just liked the security of it.  As soon as Myer saw this boy walking down the hall and turning around all by himself, he let go of my hand, batted it away, and walked away with perfect balance without looking back.  And he is a stellar little walker now.  I don't think he's really fallen yet, and he can get to a standing position all by himself.  Took long enough!  He just needed to see someone else his size accomplishing the task.  Skeptic.   But he does have the cutest walk.  I call it "The Samba".