Tuesday, June 19, 2012

outside details

It's such a treat to be outside every day.  Our Land Lords have a lot of property and each corner is unique, and some even come with a cute story--

This area used to be an apple orchard, and the brick pathway is the original brick from the apple orchard house that used to sit on this property.

Beautiful antiques collected from parts of the U.S., decorate their yard--bikes, bird feeders, rocking chairs, watering cans, bird houses, fairies, and I'm sure more.  Some of the antiques are their children's and now with 28 grandchildren, Vicki and Brian keep collecting more so each child has one to claim as their own.

They have a garden full of carrots, rhubarb, corn, pumpkins, and peppers.  Vicki wants to teach me how to make a rhubarb pie.  Next to the garden is a chicken coop.  I love fresh eggs.

They've planted many flowers like honeysuckles, sunflowers, lavender, cymbidium orchids, and roses (but Brian tells me they are called the "Bryton Rose". How cute.)  It smells so sweet here.

Three new baby chicks joined the farm and they are just now turning their grown-up color.  And recently were allowed to wander the yard, but they mostly just follow Brian around like he is their mama.

The pond sits right outside our door.  So calming.  We keep our window open at night just to listen to it.  Koi fish and frogs live there along with the lily pads.

We know we are lucky to have such wonderful Land Lords that lets us use their yard as our own.  It makes it nice when we have to be outside, because M makes it so, to have somewhere to go and be surrounded by such beauty.  Each outside adventure is a new one.