Friday, April 1, 2011


I'm the type of person that has to know everything to prepare for myself for any kind of outcome in all aspects of life.  So of course I've been reading up on this task called Motherhood.  And I have to say, I've found some really helpful stuff (for me).  During pregnancy I read "Brain Rules for Baby."  Some of his stuff on how to raise a smart baby is kinda crazy, (and that's not my ultimate goal) but I love the section on how to raise a happy baby. This is where I am feeling the most pressure as a mom: I want my kids to be happy, nice to others, and known as a friendly person.  I will surely be referring to this book from now until our little boy enters college on how to help him be happy.

I also read this while I was pregnant and it was confusing.  Then I had a baby who decided night was day and day was night.  Now I get this book.  And it makes great companions with the following two books. (and I'm sure once again, we will be looking at this book to help establish sleep routines.)

My pediatrician gave me this book at Myer's first check up.  Holy cow.  It looks daunting, but once I started into it, it is the bestest friend a new mother like me could have.  I would have a question and there is my answer AND IT'S NOT CONFUSING! I myself did not go to med school and this book is super clear for a blonde, tired, paranoid reader.

This is the golden nugget of them all.  I had no idea how intricate nursing is.  How much to feed, how often, duration, night feeding, storing, etc. were all overwhelming me.  I had Jake pick this up and now if I have the slightest worry or doubt, I look to this and I am reassured that I am doing the best I can.  It seriously has all the answers.

Of course I am getting the best help from my family (mom you are a life saver. literally.) and it all helps.  I felt stupid that first day asking my mom, what I thought were questions I should already know, and silly me.  I am learning.  Still, I am asking and reading.  I've only survived about a week but I feel confident so far in what I've been doing.  (Myer still thinks night is day and day is night...but we're working through it).