Monday, May 23, 2011

a letter

You are two months (yesterday) and growing.  You already weigh 12 pounds and wear a size 3-6 months shirt.  Let's not even talk about the size of diaper you wear too cause it'll make me cry.  You are very strong: you can hold up your head and are actually starting to push off with your legs. (This makes diaper changing a new experience.) You are smiling, cooing, and actually trying to laugh.  We call you Mr. Observant because you have to investigate and look at everything. (Mostly our faces which I love.) When we hold you; you either have to be facing outward or up by our shoulders, never cradled, so you can be in the happenin.

You are definitely a daddy's boy.  Which doesn't surprise me because you look exactly like him.  When he gets home from work, or when you hear his voice, or when you see his face your whole body lights up: smiles, kicks, and your little head bobs to get a closer look.  He calls you "Bugsie" (from the movie Bedtime Stories) because of your big blue eyes.  He is already starting to train you when he grabs those chub of legs and he helps you "ride the bicycle" of which you can't get enough of.

You love your crib and sometimes when we put you down, you'll just coo by yourself until you fall asleep.  Very tempting for me and dad to walk in there and keep you from going to sleep just so we can get our fill of you. But you definitely don't like the car seat.  You've gotten better in the actual car or if you're moving like in a shopping cart, but you won't stay asleep there.  Makes errands short and sweet.  And on top of that you like your little schedule, of which I might add, is an exact science to the minute.  Wonder what this means for the future...

Crazy that we are at the point already.  Had to write it down as it goes so fast.  We love you and have already become those parents where all our conversations are about you, our phones are full of pics of you, and the desktop image is of course: you.  We can't help it, you have our hearts.

Love, Mom