Friday, October 21, 2011

a letter

7 months is my favorite age so far.  You're becoming more you; more Myer.  You are a very curious, rambunctious, vocal, little boy!  I laugh at you (ok not at you with you) as you crawl yourself into a corner and squawk for someone to get you out, stick your feet on my face and arms when we cuddle, grab your toes while either in the car seat or stroller, rotate your wrists as if you're trying to sign, shout at me between each spoonful cause I'm apparently not fast enough, snort because you're so mad you can't reach something, testing out how high your voice can go when you should be napping, the look of disgust on your face when I wash your sleeping buddy Mr. Monkey, when you laugh at me every time I come into a room thinking it's a game of peek-a-boo, how you practically leap out of my arms when your dad comes through the door, and the way you touch my face and sing with me during our bedtime song.

And I think you are like me in the way you have to follow the schedule.  You aren't shy about letting us know when we have to move onto the next thing.  It's like you know.  And that schedule is: you normally wake up at 7 AM.  Then you take naps at 9, 12, and 4ish.  You eat Oatmeal in the morning along with your Banana Puffs and then other pureed fruit/veggies for dinner along with more Banana Puffs.  Bedtime is 7 and you make sure of it.  (We've tried letting you stay up but you won't have it.  Darn it.)  And of course you like your afternoon walks, the jumper, and playing with pots and pans while I make dinner.  For bath time we have to put you in the kitchen sink because you won't sit still in the bathtub.  For some reason each corner of the bathtub has to be investigated.  More than once.  

You can crawl backwards, but when you want to, you can army crawl forwards. (it doesn't last long.)  From a sitting position you can get on your hands and knees and rock back and forth.  We're hoping one of these days you'll have enough momentum to move forward and actually starting crawling.  You are trying to pull up on things like the coffee table, your toy basket, and the VCR.  Baby proofing has begun.  

We are looking forward to celebrating the holidays with you: Halloween is coming up first and are still debating if it's weird we take a 7-month-old Trick or Treating....ok ok, I just want to show off our costumes and Dad just wants the candy.  Can you blame us as first time obsessed parents?  We love you and marvel everyday at the kind of little person you are becoming.  I think I call your dad twice a day just to tell him something hilarious you did.  After all, you have captured our attention.  Maybe just a little...