Friday, March 22, 2013

2 today!


I am so glad you were born in March.  This is when we start feeling the sun again, or see little patches of green and color, and just know that spring is on it's way.  When you were born, it added a new light to our family.  We were excited for what was ahead as now a Mom and Dad.  You are our sunshine.  You are our promise of spring and summer.  And each year, the same time, we get to celebrate YOU.  Our springtime baby that is now 2!

I love your red hair, bright blue eyes, and long eye lashes.  That is my favorite sight when coming through the door after work.  Your excitement to see me never seems to dim.  I think you already have a sense of humor as you'll see funny things, laugh, and then turn to see if we got the joke, "funny mama.  Funny daddy".  You fold your arms when you pray.  You sing along to Lion King, Cars, and Thomas the train.  You'll starting counting "1, 2,...5, 6..." to get your dad to play hide and seek.  We laugh so much with you.  You are our sunshine.

I love your fascination for cars, bikes, trucks, jeeps, and busses.  You can spot them in the oddest places or even when I can't see them.  You've named two toy cars after Papa Morse's Jeep and Mitch's jeep.  That is your request everyday, "Papa's Jeep?  Mitch's Jeep?"  And your excitement about it all is contagious and makes me stop to think about the little things--the green patches or spots of color.

I am shocked to hear or see new words you're expressing.  And in that cute high little voice makes it all the sweeter (or your tiny hands for that matter).  Each day is an exploration.  Each book is something new for you to learn.  I didn't sit you down and expect you to remember or repeat the book.  But you do.  You can recognize letters of the alphabet and numbers.  You can read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" all by yourself and I can't believe it.  My little baby is child, and you keep growing. You are our promise of spring and summer.

You take care of me.  You seem to know in your little mind that it's been a long day and that I just need an arm around my neck, and a pat on my back with the words, "it's okay mama" as clear as day.  When you take off for the backyard, park, sidewalk, or even the kitchen you make sure I'm coming along "come on mama".  It makes me feel pretty cool to think you want me around.  You remember people.  You love the kids in nursery.  You love our friends Lindsey and Steve.  You can list off all your Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and Grandparents.  But when you see them, that's the best part.  You scream their name and open up for a hug.  I am so lucky that you love so much and I can't wait to just celebrate YOU.

Well springtime baby, happiest birthday.  We've doubled in love, laughs, pant sizes, and collection of cars.  We're so lucky to have you.

-Love, Mom and Dad