Monday, January 20, 2014

a letter {to lennon}


4 months today! And this is where I think the most growth happens.  You can do so much already. You can roll from your back to your stomach, you reach and hold onto toys and books, and you can almost sit up by yourself.  What happened to my newborn little girl?  You are now my chubby baby.

I love your cuddles.  And it's all cuddles-- from picking you up from your nap, to nursing, to sitting on my lap, then to our nap song you are always cuddled into my chest.  I just want to hold you all day.  And I think you want that too because after you've been by yourself for a little bit, you squawk for me to get you.  I oblige naturally. 

You officially suck your thumb! And that is what soothes you to sleep.  I took the risk to keep your arms out of the swaddle when you sleep and it has paid off nicely.  You slept 8 HOURS!  And your naps are longer too.  Score!  It is the sweetest thing to check on you and see you sleepily sucking on that thumb.  Love.

My favorite thing to do is to watch you play with your hands.  They are so tiny and delicate but you are very aware of what they are doing.  You concentrate when you play and you try to get your hands and fingers where you want them--around a toy, touching a book, grabbing my cheeks, or in your mouth.  It's all so girly. 

You're getting more chatty.  And loud.  You like to blow bubbles, sing with me, and chat to your brother.  He is still your favorite person and you make sure to see him wherever we are.  And you make sure he can hear you.  One time, he was taking a bath and you and I were in the bathroom with him.  He was playing pretty loud so you got louder too.  You even grunted to get his attention.  Goodness girl!

When your dad is home, I like to took around our little family.  Each of us love you dearly and it wouldn't be the same without you here.  It also seems like you are already involved with us--watching what we are doing, wanting to be in on the conversation, and just another fit to the puzzle.  I feel complete, for now, with you here.  It's pure joy for me to be caring for you and Myer.  Some days it's hard, but I truly feel like a mom now having a baby on my hip and a toddler playing at my feet.  That is my happiness.  You are my happiness.  Much love,