Saturday, March 22, 2014

a letter--TO BOTH OF YOU!

 Myer and Lennon-

Since Lennon turned 6 months last Saturday and Myer turns 3 today (wowzer!)  I thought to do a double letter.

Myer you are a grown-up in toddler body.  You like to have adult conversations--you say, "talk to me mom" or ask "so, how was work?" to get me to chat with you.  You like it when I ask questions and you respond in sentences.  When we pull up to the bank, you ask to talk to the teller.  Or when we get to the check out stand at the grocery store you ask, "Let me talk to her?" So I let you.  And you seriously have an adult conversation.  You like to talk so much that you have jibberish sentences that you repeat over and over when it's silent.  Also, you're a little parrot with the greatest memory.  I have to be really careful with what I say because I can say something once and you'll remember and repeat it.  Dad gets a mouthful when he gets home from work.

You love to read.  You sleep with books.  Any kind of reading is your friend-- maps, brochures, mail, etc. and you hold onto them just to "read".  You even grab adult books and pretend to read.  I'm so glad you have this passion so young.  Along with that, you are now starting to recognize letters and numbers.  Driving in the car with you has been much more entertaining hearing you list off letters you recognize.  You like to learn new words and phrases and try to use them when meeting new people or just trying to be an adult in conversations.  I can't wait for preschool!  You are going to love all that learning.

What has really touched me these past few months is your love for your sister.  Your goal in life is to make her laugh and smile.  You ask me if you can "snort" to make her laugh.  My answer is always yes, unless you're eating.  Hugs always and you let her grab your hair, feet, and shirt.  I just love it.  Warms my soul.    
Lennon I love this stage.  I call this the "pay-off" period.  You are adjusted to life, nursing well, on a sleep schedule, and expressing your little self.  You can be quiet, but once you feel comfortable, you can be loud!  You laugh a lot at Myer and Dad and it's mostly smiles for me.

Interestingly enough, your favorite thing to play with is paper.  Yep paper.  Wax paper, wrappers, and clothes tags.  Oh, and I'm still your favorite thing.  I can't leave the room without you bursting into tears.  You live on my hip.  You can sit up by yourself and you have two teeth.  Still going strong with the thumb sucking! You don't like tummy time, going to bed after 7, and anyone with glasses.

And we've started solids!  Wahoo!  You've had avocados, sweet potatoes, and green beans.  So far so good.  Next we're going to try peas. 

I don't know what life would be like without you two.  And I don't know what you two would do without one another.   It was meant for you to be siblings.  Happy birthday Myer.  You are a burst of joy to this family.  You make us smile especially Lennon.  Love, love, love.  Kiss, kiss, kiss,