Monday, March 16, 2015

a letter {to lennon} 18 months!

This photo was taken when you just turned one.  Now we are already 6 months later onto 18 months!  And not to mention, you finally grew!  Therefore you are finally out of your 6 month clothes.  Finally.  There is so so much that you are doing.  Here is the list:

-You talk so clearly.  Right now it's just one word phrases but you won't say it unless it's perfect.  You even separate syllables like "Pa Pa"
-You are also signing lots which always makes me happy
-You like throwing and kicking balls
-The best giggles come out when you're playing chase with Myer
-You say all the names in our family and our extended family and you repeat it over and over
-You love love books and could sit on my lap and read all day
-I upset you when I get ready in the morning and you try to move my legs back to the floor so you can sit on my lap and suck your thumb
-"Huck" or hug is your favorite word and you smother Myer all day long with your big hugs that take him to the floor
-You just started eating with a fork and it excites you at mealtime.  You squeal each time
-Aside from eating, you love walks outside. "Out-sigh?" and "bike?"
-If you want a snack you try to get me stand up and then you watch me to make sure I follow you to the kitchen
-You like figuring stuff out--how lids go on, how to open and close things, what fits into cups, etc. and you keep at it until you figure it out
-First Sunday at Nursery went too well.  You ran right into the toys and after the two hours you were kinda sad to see me
-"Hi!!" to everyone you see, especially kids, also followed by a "bye bye" with a big wave of your hand
-You are just as active as Myer at this age which was a big surprise-- always climbing, moving, and walking
-I would describe your personality as determined, focused, observant, playful, and tender (so kinda like me)

This sweet little thing that born 18 months ago changed into a busy beautiful toddler girl that I just can't keep up with.  You want to be just like Myer and play what he is playing, wear what he is wearing, and do what he is doing.  It gets my mommy heart right in the mushy center.  And your sweet tender side that wants to cuddle right after naps, and stroke my hair, and kiss my lips gets all the rest of my heart.  I sure love you Lenni,