Saturday, April 4, 2009


last night we walked through the door and smelt this really faint burning smell. the house was freezing and the furnace would not kick on. let's see...what could that mean? it's 11:45 at night and we think our furnace is broken. awesome. so we try calling everyone we know who can help us diagnose the problem. but, because they are normal people, unlike us, they are in bed asleep. so jealous. finally we broke down and called a 24 hour furnace repair company. some poor guy was pulled out of his sleep at 1:00 in the morning and drove all the way from payson to our house to see what the deal was. i am freaking out, of course, because it is getting colder and colder inside the house. the smell was getting worse, giving me an awful headache, and i start thinking of the worse things possible--we are going to die of poisoning, the furnace is going to blow up, my toes will have to be amputated from frost bite, and what about my makeup party the next day?!

luckily the guy shows up when i am about to lose it all and diagnoises the problem within 2 seconds. a couple hundred dollars later, the furnace was up and running immediatley killing the awful smell. ahh...relief. so jake and i crawl into bed around 3 in the morning toes and all intact. i'm wondering how i am going to stay awake for conference....

never have i been so grateful for a warm house!!!