Tuesday, November 3, 2009

go shawty

it was my birthday.

and i got a polaroid camera.
(side note...don't you just love my halloween outfit? very fitting
and the background...it's grandma's house. what are ya gonna do...)

exactly what i wanted.

but that's not all i got...
mr. jake surprised me to dinner at the roof.

emotions that ran through me:

definitely surprised,
curious as i have never been there,
pampered as rolls magically appeared on my plate,
snooty as i could pick and chose my food,
stuffed as i ate all that food,
and then guilty seeing the bill...

but your birthday is only once a year right?
and my motto is to spend spend spend on such an occasion.

and then to top of the night,
and to walk off our stuffed tummies,
we walked around the temple grounds.

thanks babe for a birthday with a view!
(and for an excuse to wear my birthday dress. yay!)

can't wait till next year...