Tuesday, November 17, 2009

i was told this was blog worthy

(and kind of chewed out for not posting)
so this is the story...

down at the shakespeare festival, it was day two of interpreting. my team, kelly, and i were sitting outside preparing for the musical of our lives. it was about half an hour before we were to go into the auditorium and take our seats in front, when all of sudden i felt something wet drop on my hair. we were under a tree so i though it was water from the tree, dew from the morning, a stray raindrop, really anything. not even close. i reach up to the "wet" spot, bring back my hand and there is bird doo-doo on my fingers. a bird just pooped in my hair right before we were to walk inside, present ourselves as professional interpreters, with the lights directly over our heads. all i could do was turn to kelly and start hyperfentalating. all she could do was laugh. so i ran inside to the bathroom and tried to scrub out the white pasty mess with the remaining 15 minutes left i had. talk about stress right before interpreting a musical. not something to help calm the nerves.

i get the white crap out (literally) and now i have a wet greasy spot in the middle of my hair. with the lights i'm sure i looked shiny.

the funny part of this story is that just a day later, kelly saw this sign... she texted me this pic with the words "thinking of you".

wish that was a sentimental text.
that sign is actually my phone's background to remind me to never ever prepare for an assignment under a tree.
lesson learned.