Thursday, November 4, 2010

oh and i had a birthday

amidst all the exciting news, forgot to post about the birthday! as you all know, we drove down to st. george and hung out with my sister jessie for the weekend.  (we will talk about that 4 hour drive later...oye...) saturday morning she took me to Bear Pawn and had the most amazing breakfast.  i'm still craving that belgium waffle...and then later that night we got to see her in Thriller at Tuacahn.  and i gotta tell ya, there is nothing like Thriller on an outdoor stage with the red rocks as the background.  perfect for halloween. and of course jessie was amazing. it was quite the ending to a perfect birthday. thanks jess for having us down and introducing us to all the local goldmines like that breakfast parlor.  i owe you for that one.  i just love birthdays.