Tuesday, December 28, 2010

ok we're going

The original plan was to leave Monday, fly to New York, Jake and I stay in Jessie's Jersey apartment, and then leave Friday.  But because of all the crazy blizzards, and like the nine million people on the news, our flights got canceled.  And not just canceled, but no other way to reschedule.  New York airports are completely closed until Thursday.  Bad news as Jessie's last show is Thursday.

So after a prayer, crossing toes, and bribing a Delta agent we are officially leaving tomorrow.  BUT, we are now flying to Baltimore, taking a 2 hour train ride to New York, then taking the subway into Jersey (inhale. exhale.)  Oh, and now all 7 of us will be in Jessie's apartment.  Oh what we do to make this happen.

No matter how crazy this is, we are so grateful for our little miracle.  And, it will be quite the adventure: first train ride, 7 people sharing one bathroom, New Years in New York, and of course seeing my little sister dance on Broadway.  It always works out, and in this case, for the better.  So say a little prayer for us as we make our way across the country.  We would really like to get there this time.

Peace out folks.  Till Monday....

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