Friday, December 17, 2010

why i do what i do

Sometimes it's hard to explain my different jobs and why I am involved with Deaf Studies, Deaf people, and American Sign Language. Luckily, my two professors from UVU do a better job than me.  Recently, both Will Garrow and Flavia Fleischer were on the radio with KUER explaining everything from the history of sign, difference between English and ASL, benefits of ASL for Deaf children, and much more.  (There is also a sign interpretation streamed through video.)  

Please take time to listen to this unclear, and sometimes misunderstood, issue.  (Also, if you yourself have questions...)  This is very dear to my heart and something that I will always be involved in.  And it may give you a little insight on Bryton.  Click here for the link again.

Thanks friends.  Much love.

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