Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Had to share my favorite pictures from the weekend.
this crazy guy was all energy.
(no I did not get my naps)

but even if I could nap,
how could I resist this face?

In other news, I finally finished M's birth video! (not gross btw)
I can't wait to post it!
but...I do look...what's the word...unexcited? tired? unemotional?
so I feel like I have to explain why I look unattached to the birth of my son,
but that would mean a birth story.
(which to some that's gross.)
trying to decide if I should share.
I try not to make this blog too personal, I have another blog for that,
but this video would raise questions otherwise.
I'll think about it...

yay for another week!
and more pics with this yahoo