Monday, August 22, 2011

a letter


You are a very active 5 month old! Say goodbye to just sitting on laps.  You like to stand, then sit, then stand again, then lay back, then turn around, then move to the ground, lay down, arch your back, sit back up, then stand, then sit, then stand again and repeat repeat.  I get the best work out too since you are a whopping 17 pounds! But my arms aren't that strong, I can't carry you in the car seat anymore.  I struggle from the car to the front door.  Your dad sometimes steals the car and I have to do push-ups just to be able to lift you into the jeep.

We had to buy you a jumper (already) because you no longer like the bumbo since you can't reach the ground, or the swing since you like to climb out of it, or the bouncer since you arch your back every time you're in it.  Getting the picture of how active you are yet?  My favorite thing ever, and I even stand by your door to watch, is when you go down for your naps you whip your monkey from side to side until it falls in the perfect place above your head. Ha!  Makes my day. But you are so strong.  You are rolling and starting to move while on your tummy.  And you can sit on your own if I sit behind with you between my legs. (Yes!)

Every one comments on how happy and smiley you are.  You don't have that "stranger danger" scare yet, and you smile at anyone.  When it's been a good nap, you wake up with your "song".  (we call it your song because it's not a squeal, but a one-note song that you hold out for a good few seconds and keep going until we come get you.)  You also do it in the car.  Precious.

You already have your first tooth!  And I think a second one is on it's way.  Sometimes I think you are 6 months... So like a good mom I bought all these teething toys.  Shouldn't have spent the money because you only like to gnaw on my fingers.  That new tooth hurts by the way.

So my darling active little boy, I wonder what next month will bring.  More teeth?  A walker? Stair gates? Driver's license? Seriously.

Love, Mom