Tuesday, November 22, 2011

a letter


8 months today.  That sounds so old to me.  No more squeezing into 0-6 month sizes, just 6-12 stuff.  Weird.    You sometimes act like you're older though, like when you try to stand from a crawling position, or when you hold our hands and walk, or when I found you half way up the stairs last week.  (those stair gates came up real fast.)  The crawl is your main mode of transportation and you are getting very quick.  I love it when I'm getting ready in the morning and I check on you in the family room, and then the next minute, you're at my feet in the bathroom.  I also feel like a human jungle gym from the moment you wake up to the time you get to bed.  It doesn't matter if I'm holding you or sitting on the floor by you, you are all over me.  

Right now, your favorite trick is sticking out your tongue while babbling.  Even in church.  Or even trying to drink water out of a cup for that matter.  But my favorite thing is when you get real excited, you sound like asthma is kicking in after a good work out.  So seeing you interact with toys or kids I feel like I need a breathalyzer handy cause you get so excited and there's that wheezy sounding breathing.  I hope we don't kill you over at Christmas.  And another one of my favorites is you learned how to clap your hands.  You do it at the dinner table, in your jumper, to your monkey during nap time, and when you want to impress strangers.  It's a real crowd pleaser.  

Another milestone this month is you got another tooth! Yep, your left incisor.  So we are looking pretty awesome with two bottom teeth and one incisor.  You might be a redneck... I'm hoping your front ones come in pretty soon (yes I'm crazy for hoping for more teething.)

People say that personalities start showing around this time, so if I could sum you up in one sentence it would be "a mellow one year old in a body of an 8 month old."  You are very well mannered but just so busy and not satisfied until you can walk like the rest of us.  Everyone keeps telling me that you'll be walking by 10 months.  I sure hope not.  You are growing up much too fast.  I already cried packing away your newborn clothes, don't make me cry when you start walking.