Monday, November 28, 2011

a vegas thanksgiving

For "camping" out in Jessie's one-bedroom apartment for Thanksgiving, it was pretty stellar.  We all pitched in with some new recipes-- Jessie made her first turkey as well as yummy roasted veggies, Jamie made her first batch of pies, and my mom took care of the essentials like potatoes, stuffing, and gravy.  And I may have brought some rolls that someone else  made but at least I brought them right?  I also tried bring veggies but I froze the broccoli to make it last and well...lesson learned.

This was our first Thanksgiving dinner as just us siblings.  Normally it's with extended family, so this was special.  I loved being around my sisters who live out of state and around their hubbies and kids.  We have such a good time. All of us.  After dinner we participated in a game of Dance Central 2 on the Kinect.  Burned that dinner right off and what ever was left over I'm sure I burned off laughing so hard.

I think this may be my favorite Thanksgiving.  Families make the holidays so much sweeter.  Let the holidays begin!