Wednesday, February 22, 2012

a letter


You're 11 months and guess what that means?? Another letter! (what I really wanted to say is that another month and you'll be ONE! But obviously, the math works out.  We'll save the excitement for next months letter.)

This month has been exciting all the same.  You've figured out that if you're loud enough, you can get people's attention.  When we grocery shop, you squeal at people walking by, and you gab at any kids you see.  Anyone who looks like a mom or grandma you want to be in their arms.  No stranger danger here.  But you do get timid around men.  It actually makes me feel good because you cuddle into me when you do get scared.

You are constantly blowing your lips making car sounds.  Constantly.  When you see a car, whether moving or not, you make car sounds.  When you see something that could possibly move, you make car sounds.  I get hysterical whenever I point out a truck, you lower your head but look up with those big blue eyes and make car sounds.  You carefully watch the wheels turn on your cars and when they don't roll, you get frustrated.  How do you know how they are supposed to move already?  And you like to push and kick balls around, with again, car sounds.  It's amazing to watch you play.

These past two days I've had a cold and you've been the best little boy.  Normally, you can't be in one room longer than 10 minutes, but you've been so content just to sit by me and play with your toys while I laid there like a bump on a log.  You kept patting me and placing your hand on my face.  It's like you knew we needed these quieter days. I loved it.

You are getting braver by standing on your own, but your cautious nature is getting in your way of taking that first step.  If we hold you and get you balanced, then you can stand on your own for a few minutes.  But then you realize what you're doing and you sit down real fast.  You are also communicating so much more.  You are trying to sign with us and the signs that I can make out are MOM, DAD, FOOD, YES, and your sign for your Uncle Oakley.  Other than that, you just wave your hands and point saying who knows what.  Seeing you sign with me truly gets my heart.  This is important and I'm so grateful you're picking up on it.

So my little red-headed boy, let's make this last month before you turn the big o-n-e the greatest.  And seriously, stop me from pulling out all your newborn clothes, socks, and pictures.  I really don't want this next month to be full of puffy red eyes so let's make it fun mmmkay?  Love you to the moon and back,