Monday, September 24, 2012

a letter


18 months! You are a one and half year old! That means nursery next week.  Oh my, oh my. (I'm old enough to have a child in nursery??)  Time flies, but not quick enough for me to jot down some of the new things you are doing and saying these past few months:

*six new teeth-- four molars and your bottom incisors
*your shorts actually hit your knees instead of your ankles
*new words you say are "spice-ee", "d-gulp, d-gulp" (digger), "mess", and "whoa"
*you can identify where your eyes, ears, mouth, tongue, teeth, knees, feet, and elbows are
*you like to line up your cars and then "poosh" (push) them all with your last car, especially in the bathtub
*you like to climb on my back for piggy back rides
*new signs lately are CRACKER, DIRTY, APPLE, HELICOPTER, HAT, and your sign for Mimi and Papa
*we can't leave the house without your hat
*you love dogs.  Every dog we meet you sign and say "puppy!" and we have to stop to pet it
*your face is very expressive-- I can tell when you are happy, excited, investigative, frustrated, concentrated, sad, etc. I think it's from sign language...
*dr. seus are your favorite kind of books
*we last inside maybe for only half and hour.  All our time is spent outside.
*you still hate the car, and we have to distract you with passing horses, diggers, construction trucks, and trains.  Good thing we live in Utah County.
*your favorite show is "Howdy Town" (that cheesy horse show our landlord made a while back) and you dance and laugh along with the characters
*you don't like sitting in the like pushing it.

You're getting more independent with more personality.  I feel like every time I come home from work you grow up even more.  I put all these cute little things you do in my phone so I don't forget, and so I can look at them when I miss you too much.  The four hours we do have every day together I love watching you grow.  You're becoming a boy, not a baby anymore, and I am honored to be a part of your journey.  Love you so,