Friday, September 21, 2012


We are all together in this picture, somehow, which is a rare moment.
We are still figuring out our swapped roles of "working mom" and "stay at home dad".
We are letting go (well I am) of how clean the cottage needs to be.
We have to stay in one room when we are all home because if not, Myer worries one of us is leaving.
We have a hard time saying goodbye.
We are still couponing because we just can't bring ourselves to pay $4.00 for cereal when we can get it for $.99.
We somehow have time for that.
We just got our four molars in, and now we are getting four other teeth.
We are really grumpy.
We are also interpreting a few nights a week.  We are crazy.
We still only have one car.
We love our bike trailer.
We've had a lot of eggs and toast for dinner.

But we've never been more close and strong as a family.
We are going to make it.