Thursday, October 18, 2012

the pumpkin patch

On the last day of Fall Break we finished it off in true Fall fashion by hitting up Corn Belly's with my mom and brother.  We were surprised, this was no small pumpkin patch. It was a little boys playground with all the tractors, cow trains, and wooden slides in shapes of buses and trucks.  We couldn't get enough.  His favorite, and well our favorite, was the hay ride pulled by a tractor.  And as if the driver knew the little wish of M, he turned the flashing lights on as it got dark.  The night was complete.  I love experiencing a simple pumpkin patch through the eyes of my son.  

Then we left for home with 3 new pumpkins in our arms.  Myer picked out his own and held it so tight.  He calls it his "pun-min" and even signs it.  He's catching on real quick that October is an important month over here.