Wednesday, September 11, 2013

a letter


This letter is kind of like your last letter as an only child.  Your little sister will be here before we know it, so like other things that I'm trying to accomplish before her arrival, I wanted to sit down and let you know how much I love you and will always love you even when we have another person joining our family.  I took this picture because all of a sudden you looked older.  Like "I'm ready to be a brother" older.  So I think you're ready for what's next in our little family.

You and I have become buddies.  You are my shadow.  When I leave the room, you follow me.  You share everything that is going on inside your mind and want a response from me.  I think you know we have a special bond and you're connecting with me.  You say things like, "Good to see you Mama!", "Missed you so much", "Come wiff me Mama", "I so proud of you Mama!" that just melts my heart.  These sweet sayings just bond us closer.

Things are very positive for you.  If you feel negativity you immediately try to cheer me up.  I know it's been hard these past few weeks as I've been down for the count, and I can tell it affects you as you snuggle next to me, or pat my head, or stroke my back, or kiss my cheeks.  You are trying to make me better.  And really, it has helped.  I hope this lasts as I'm dead tired with a newborn or just emotional from the day.  I need my positive buddy to help me along.

I am so proud of how fast you've picked up Potty Training.  You are solely in big boy undies! (naps and bedtime included!)  We haven't had an accident (knock on wood) since 2 weeks ago.  You don't even like going in your little potty anymore, it has to be the big potty.  AND you're going in public!  We can go to church, the store, Mimi's house, etc.  All we need to figure out is the bathroom-less park.... Dad will show you how to work out that one.

Dad and I will be asking a lot from you these next few months, and it will be a challenge for all of us, but I hope our time together has bonded us close enough that you won't feel left out.  We love you so much.  I love you so much.  It has been just you and me for the past two and half years.  This will be hard on me too.  I remember how hard it was to leave you for work, and the guilt I felt made our alone time this summer so special.  I'm glad we had that together.  Let's remember Seven Peaks, Farm Country, Jeeping, picnics, Splash Pads, and popsicles to get us through this next phase.  You're going to be a big brother and I think you are going to love fitting into that role.  I know you will.  Little sister is joining us and already knows us so let's make this reunion like a red-headed spirited two year old would like to have reunion--FUN!  Mom needs fun too, I don't want to feel that guilt again.  So here we of 3....let's be a family of 4!