Tuesday, September 3, 2013

their jeeping day

The Morse family took the Thacker family jeeping Saturday (my in law family took my family)  I was a smart pregnant person this time and STAYED HOME.  I did miss out on the biggest party apparently and missed my mom squealing over the obstacles, but who wants to have a baby on labor day weekend?  I'm not that literal enough.

I think we broke the Thackers in to the Morse way.  My mom now wants to buy a jeep.  I call that a successful day.  And my in laws were so great.  They showed up with 3 jeeps and all the necessities for a safe fun trip.  My dad and brother got to take a turn to drive and I really think they want a jeep now.  My little brother, Cooper, made a video of their adventure.  He's a little videographer and very talented one at that. Check it out!  Thanks Morse family for taking care of my fam.  They are hooked!