Thursday, October 31, 2013

and then i turned a year older

Weird that I'm another year older.  I don't feel 27.  I still feel 21.  What's weird is counting how long ago I graduated college; then highschool.  Regardless how how old I feel, I had a great birthday.  I held my sweet little girl all day.  She cuddled with me and it was the best.  My boys surprised me with cake and presents which I cannot wait for Brian Reagan this February.  Date night!  Also, I'm due for that makeover.  When I talk about high school, I think I've had the same makeup since then.  It's time.  So Jake treated me right and I have fun things to look forward to.  I love when birthdays last longer than they should. 

Note about the cake:  One time, Jake sent me flowers at work and he told the florist to write on the card, "'I love you' three times".  The florist wrote "I love you 3 times."  Hilarious! So that is now what is on birthday cards, anniversary cards, birthday cakes, and sometimes at the end of texts.  I may even have it engraved on my tombstone. 

Jake- I love you 3 times! Thanks for a great b-day!