Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Being a month old I thought I'd write down some things before I forget.  Life is flying too fast!  Here we go:

*You're a grunter!  Not a crier, a grunter.  Granted that's so much nicer to wake up to in the middle of the night than crying, but it's so funny hearing all that coming from my little girl.
*You sleep GREAT.  You give me four hours at night and nap every 3 hours during the day
*Your head of hair is a show stopper.  People stop to comment on it all the time
*You are Myer's twin.  I hope you continue to look like him
*Your favorite place to sleep is on my chest.  That ModBe wrap is coming in handy. We also cuddle all night long.  You're my snuggle buddy

You are heaven sent.  We just cuddle and snuggle all day.  Our family is complete with our quiet precious angel.  Life is good with Lennon Lou.