Wednesday, February 19, 2014

a letter {to Lennon}


I think next month I'll cry because that means you're already half of a year old! This month, there's not that many tears...but there's still enough.  Once again you've been sick this past month.  Are we ever going to be healthy?? And you're teething.  So ya, different kind of tears were shed.  I'm real glad we've moved on from last month.

So let's get started.  You love my hands.  Every time I sign you think they're some kind of toy so you reach from them and suck on my fingers, wrist, arms, or whatever you can grab.  Sorry little lady, I'm trying to communicate!

You blow raspberries to the point where you soak your face.  And then you're upset that your face is wet.  You love to eat your toes.  You stick your big toe and as many toes as you can in you mouth.  Oh and toys.  You can now reach out for toys and put them in your mouth.  Also the thumb sucking is still going strong even out of bed.  When you want to calm down you find your thumb.  So precious!

The biggest accomplishment this month is that you can sit on your own!  Well sorta.  For a short time you can sit, but eventually you fall over to one side.  So...almost.

We have also reached the point where if I leave the room, you cry.  If I put you down, you cry.  So you have spent a lot of time in the wrap so I can at least make dinner.  Yes it's work, but I honestly don't mind it at all.  You're so cuddly.  You want me.  Therefore, I melt and give in. 

I don't know if it's just because you're a girl, but I feel like we already have a tight bond.  You want to see my face, be held, and hold my hands.  And when I do hold you, you turn into me.  And when we sing to get ready for your nap, you open your mouth to kiss my cheek, bury into my neck, and stick your little bum in the air to get as close into my skin as possible.  Then I lay you down and you grab my arm and hold onto it so tight.  I mean...I die!  It's so hard to leave the room!

You're a mama's girl and I love it.  I hope it always stays this way.