Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I love the love

These are my favorite pics of these two kiddos of mine.  And it's not like I posed them, put them there told them to love each other, this is how they are every day.  And I love the love.  Myer is genuinely excited to see Lennon.  He makes sure that if we are headed out the door, she is coming too.  He calls her "my big brover" and brags/yells about that fact when we meet another human being.  I don't have the heart to correct such enthusiasm. 

And Lennon is no different.  She has to see where Myer is at all.times.  He is the one that makes her laugh and puts a smile on her face.  And, get this, she gets excited about his trains.  Yep.  True love right there.

I thought it would take a while for Myer to warm up to Lennon and for Lennon to figure out who Myer is, but to my surprise, it was an instant connection.  Sometimes that connection isn't always happy and joyful, but they know each other.  And that is what I love the most!  They make us four people a family.  I love the love.