Monday, July 21, 2014

a letter {to Lennon}


Dear girl you are 10 months!! We hit the double digits!  Your personality and realization of the world has bloomed.  You are understanding us and getting in the mix.

You and Myer actually play now.  You chase, scream, and laugh together.  You shake your head back and forth, your favorite dance move, to get Myer to do the same.  Then you go back and forth, each taking a turn "dancing" and cracking up at each other.  But on the flipside, you also fight.  If he takes toys, or climbs on me, or tells you "no", you get mad and try to take a swat at him.  I can't believe this has already started....

Panda-Manda is your favorite possession on this earth. You love that thing.  You squeeze it with your arms and legs while squealing.  Surprisingly you also like cars.  It's like a flashback to Myer at this age when he played with car toys.  You blow your lips making car sounds while rolling the cars on the ground.  Your dad doesn't mind that kind of playtime at all.  Speaking of play time, your favorite thing to do is play on our bed.  You sit and then fall back with a big sigh.  Roll over, sit and do it all over again.  I don't know how that started and why you like to do that on our bed, but it keeps you entertained for hours. 

When you wake up and after your bottle, you like to sit and cuddle for a few extra minutes.  You say "hi" over and over again.  It melts my heart.  I enjoy those quiet still moments with you, because as soon as Myer comes in, it's play time all over again.

You are walking with your new walker.  You still get down and crawl if it's not fast enough so we are still working on that.  You are more confident in sitting down after standing which means no more getting stuck standing during nap time.  Yay! 

I would describe your personality as determined, playful, investigative, happy, quiet, sweet, and then all-out-random loud.  You make us laugh every day while simultaneously tugging our heart strings.  We love our sweet little girl.  I love you sweet little girl.