Monday, July 28, 2014

utah and it's pioneer day

We celebrated Utah's birthday with a neighborhood breakfast and a kid parade.  The breakfast was complete with pancakes, eggs, and oj while the neighborhood kid parade with complete with bikes and Myer's insistence on cruising to his own speed.  Which wound him up at the end of the pack but such is Myer.
 Then we celebrated some more at Mimi's and Papa's with fireworks and snaps.  Which every time Myer threw a snap he yelled, "Ohhhh snap!"
Miss Lenni and I watched a few feet away on the blanket with Panda-Manda.  (Look at that concern on her face. Too precious!) So basically everyone got their fill on Pioneer Day.  I love that we get to celebrate twice in one month with family and fireworks.  I love July!