Thursday, September 25, 2014

"Moving in the Right Direction"

This past Tuesday night we had our ward's Young Women Evening in Excellence.  The theme for the night was "Moving in the Right Direction".  Hence all the arrows, arrow heads, and compass symbols.  It was my very first Evening of Excellence so I wasn't sure how things went.  Luckily I have amazing counselors that stepped up and basically held my hand through it all.  And we have awesome young women that helped also.  The Beehives were in charge of the refreshments, the Mia Maids were in charge of the program/invites, and the Laurels were in charge of decorations.  Those Laurels made all of those arrows (!!!) I was so proud of them.  And lastly, my dear friend Anna let us borrow all of her Hopi blankets, feathers, and authentic arrows.  It all worked out and it looked beautiful.

Each young woman also set up projects from Personal Progress to show what they've been working on the past year.  The tables were full of beautiful pictures, flowers, sewing projects, scriptures, journals, and books.  Again, so proud of each of them.

At the end of the night, each young woman took home an arrow to remind them of this night, as well as to aim and keep focused in the right direction.  It was an awesome evening surrounded by my girls and their parents.  As overwhelming as this calling is, and as much work as it is, the reward is sweeter.  I love celebrating Women, especially my Young Women.