Monday, September 15, 2014

*one year*

My water broke at 1:00 AM and I did NOT want to go to the hospital.  I sat in the bathroom--arms folded and my legs tightly crossed.  First of all, my house wasn't clean because I was planning to deep clean the following day.  It said so right on my calendar "Clean House".  Secondly, and probably the real reason behind not wanting to leave a messy house, I was scared.  Myer's birth was hours of scare after scare after scare and just so much unknown, and I did not want to relive all of that.  So I wasn't budging.  She was just going to have to stay in there.

Jake spoke softly with soothing words while he was grabbing bags, getting dressed, and brushing his teeth.  I told him I won't leave until the house was somewhat clean.  So with a surprised/confused face he obediently emptied garbage cans, swept the floor, picked up clothes, and made the bed.  So with a semi clean house and me out of orders, Jake finally took my hand and said, 'You can't have our baby in our bathroom."  So I trusted those blue crystal eyes and let him help me to the car and then to the hospital.

Then just 8 hours later, with no complications, and just 3 little pushes, Lennon was here.  She was safe and I was safe.  She was a quiet but a strong little spirit that completed our family of 4.  Now she is busy busy with so much curiosity and determination that it surprises me to think we had such a quiet soft little baby just a year ago.  But I wouldn't change a thing.  Lenni Lou you are perfect.  Happy Birthday sweetest daughter of mine.  We love you!!