Monday, June 8, 2015

Girls Camp

Back from a week of Stake Girls Camp at Heber Valley Camp.  What a week!  This was my first time going up as a leader and I loved being there the full 5 days.  The girls were awesome, inspiring, and just a lot of fun getting to know better.  There was a strong spirit up there that I hope each girl felt and in return, brought home with them to share with their families.  Girls Camp is an inspired activity and I felt privileged to be part of it.
 The Stake theme was "Warriors of Light, go forth and serve".  For our ward we picked the Brother of Jared to be our warrior, but more specifically, the 16 stones that lit the way for the Jaredites journey.  We had a "Light Walk" the first night-- where at each stop there was a large lighted stone (painted with glow in the dark paint) and the girls were given instructions on how to light themselves.  They were the stones essentially, and at the end of their walk, we challenged them to find the light of Christ during their week here, and ask Him to touch them with His light.  We then gave them stone bracelets, tying in with the 16 stones with the YW colors, to remind them of our challenge.  It was the perfect way to start off camp.
 Of course to fill the down time, we played lots and lots of games, delivered Secret Sisters, and played more games. This is when I really got to know my girls.  I would join in each game I could and it was a lot of fun.
 Then we hiked to the Lake!  It was beautiful.  I couldn't get over the trees, the green everywhere, and how perfect the weather was.  I kept saying, "I love this green!" 
 At the Lake we got to ride around on canoes or paddle boats.  I've never done canoes, so of course being game for everything, I joined two of my girls on their boat.  Good thing I left my phone behind because they were the ones getting all the other girls wet!  By the time we were headed back to shore I was soaked.  And, no surprise, they tipped the canoe over!  Totally on purpose.  Totally soaked to the bone.  Needless to say, we did not hike back to camp...
^^^ Skit night! ^^^
 I loved the devotionals that my Youth Camp Leaders lead each day.  We were smashing boards, going for nature walks, and learning more about one another.  One day they will be leaders up at camp and this is giving them practice now.  And I could see a lot of strong leaders in our group.
I think their favorite day was the Rope Challenge Course.  I got to lead the "Swinging Log" and watch each group try to work together to cross the log.  They did other courses too and they ended the day with the zip line. Heber Valley Camp has it all!
Since the theme related to "light" we made lanterns for our craft, which also doubled for our lights for "Singing in the Trees".  When it got dark, all wards from the stake gathered in the amphitheater and each took turns singing their song.  We finished the night by all singing "Armies of Helaman".  If I didn't love testimony meeting so much, this would have been my favorite night.  I had three of my Young Women around me, singing the song and it brought tears to my eyes.  Surley, they are soliders in these last days.
 ^^^ And of course, camp awards! ^^^

I loved my week here.  It was a lot of work with no sleep, but there is no where else these girls would have had the experiences they did, so it was all worth it.  I could feel God's love for each of them. He knows each of these young ladies.  And He knows me.  It was an incredible week.  My testimony is stronger than ever.  I love Girls Camp!