Thursday, September 8, 2011

little mr.

Not a whole lot going on at the Morse household except non stop instagrams of this little man.  And I truly mean little man with his broad shoulders and *buff* arms.  Doesn't he look like a mini-me of Jake?  Kinda fun.

We are spending lots of our time outdoors though, to take advantage of the rest of summer, and mostly because Myer is one busy little person.  So so busy.  Is it just him or all baby boys like this? 

I did get some of my fall shopping done on Labor Day and can't wait for that crispy air feeling. Oh, and my birthday is in a month (well a month and 22 days...) so I am shamelessly sending out hint emails and pins.  I get real excited about my birthday.  I'm sure there'll be an extra long post about that real soon.  Anywho, we are leaving the house today cause I am not filling up the bathroom sink again to entertain my little mr.  Errands are more dry.