Monday, September 12, 2011

my closet

As lovely as our little cottage is,
there isn't a whole lot of storage space.
And that includes the closets.

Above is my closet.
It's as wide as my arm span
and tall as my shoulders.
Kinda small right?

And if any of you know me,
this creates a problem because of my, ahem, addiction to shopping.
Jake loves it.

So to keep up with this small space
I have a rule: "one shirt in, one shirt out".
It makes me really know what is in my closet
and if I went shopping, what shirt would have to be taken out to replace a new one?
And I have quite the attachment to some of my clothes.

Granted I don't follow this perfectly.
Sometimes my sock drawer is stuffed with recent purchases
but for the most part, it is keeping my closet live-able.
And our marriage blissful.