Wednesday, August 22, 2012

could you do me a favor?

Calling all Facebook users!  Could you do me a solid and click here to vote for the above Ruche dress?  Find my picture and "Like" it and/or "Share" it.  I would truly love you if you did both (but you can only do both once). Shop Ruche is holding a contest and I used a Ruche dress for our pictures from May, and thought, why not? A little embarrassed but also not at the same time...currently I am in second place!  I'm a little excited.  And FYI the contest ends Monday!

For those of you on FB who asked, I made the necklace from this tutorial.  Thank you hobby lobby.

Mostly, thank you friends.

And thanks for all the comments, texts, and phone calls of congratulations for my new job.  Yesterday was the first day of school, and I felt all your support.  Feeling more and more like I can do this.

Now get "liking" and "sharing"!  hugs!