Monday, August 20, 2012

we have some news...


So let's start off with the good news-- I am the new American Sign Language Teacher for American Fork High School!  Woot woot!  It happened so suddenly, like Friday night notice suddenly.  Should I explain? Let's.

Here comes the other half of the news.

Jake has been unemployed for the past 5 months.  Yes, I know we were just in the boat, and yes I know we announced he got a job in January.  But that only lasted till March.  Basically business was business, and we shouldn't have invested our hearts into the job.  But it was a job that tied us over during a hard time and we are thankful.  We've been struggling since then, and we got to a point of searching all kinds of options.  This just seemed to fall in place.  Who knows how long I'll teach, but I am grateful for this job (and a paycheck really).

Now let's rewind even further back to the good 'ol college days.  I made the unpardonable sin of transferring from BYU to UVU.  And am I ever grateful I did.  Looking back now, that is why I switched, to get a degree that would allow me to step into good paying jobs with flexible hours like interpreting or teaching school.  If I would have graduated with an English Major with all intents and purposes of just becoming a mom, which were my thoughts at the time, what would I be doing now?  A desk job?  Those jobs are great, heaven knows I did my share, but so not my cup of tea.  Life spins a mysterious web.  And if a mom had to go back to work, teaching is the ideal job--school hours, benefits, salary, holidays, and summer off.  So really, it's perfect.  I just have to keep telling myself that.

I feel overwhelmed/excited/nervous and sad to be away from Myer in the mornings.  I cried all night Friday night realizing that I never did get that one last day with Myer.  Just me and him.  I didn't see this coming.  And I worry about Jake.  His self worth has taken a hit twice in four months, and I hope that taking on Mr. Mom responsibilities won't damage it more.  That's made me cry too.  I was so hoping he'd find a job he'd love.  Somewhere out there, Jake's dream job just isn't ready yet.  So I'll work until it is.

Now that it's all out the open, you'll know why this blog will probably get the back burner.  Time when I am home will be Bryton, Myer, and Jake time.  My little family is holding on just barely but if I can divide my time between work and family, it'll work out.  I can't believe I'm teaching high school students again.  I swear I'm their age.

I really hope my students won't hate me for being a Knight...