Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i'm that mom

--who's kid runs around the splash pad not in a swimsuit let alone a swim diaper
--who falls asleep on the floor while he plays next to me
--put him in the bath 3 times in one day, not because he was dirty, just so he wouldn't make another mess
--gave him a tube of chapstick in church to keep quiet.  Which he opened.
--most mornings we don't even get out of our pj's till after lunch
--put off making the bed so I can read his favorite book for the 6th time
--I always nap when he naps
--blow dry my hair only part way because we need to brush our teeth. again.
--pull out all my pots and pans for him just so I can cook dinner
--save all the toilet paper and paper towels rolls so he can have a trumpet
--leave dinner dishes out so we can sing our good night song
--my house is rarely clean and I hardly ever look "done"

I'm that mom.