Monday, January 28, 2013

one of us

Jake went on a boys jeeping trip to St. George this past weekend and we sure missed our man.  He is keeping this house together, well, keeping it all together and 3 days without him was a little rough.  Let's just say we watched some movies, stayed in our pj's a little too long, and never ate at the right time.  And the house looks a little sad as well.  Gosh, that Jake sure does a lot for us.  Little Myer kept looking at me like, this is not how dad does it.  I didn't have the morning routine right, I couldn't wrestle right, and apparently Myer is a shower-only man.  So we'll just wait for dad on that one too.

I was there for morning wake-up time.  I was there for oatmeal breakfast with blueberries.  And I was there for morning breath snuggles.  All 3 days just M and I.  I loved the bonding time, but let's be honest, we aren't us without Jake.  We were happy when he came home.  And very aware of what he does in this house.  We love him so.