Tuesday, January 1, 2013

stepping into 2013

I hope my Christmas candy will last me more than just a week.
I hope I can visit my sister in Minnesota this year.
I hope to start potty training Myer.
I hope there won't be any major construction projects for the state of Utah.
I hope this year Jake gets a job that he just loves.
I hope I can finish my year at AF high school.
I hope our dear friend, Devin Dayley, can come home from hospital.
I hope for snow just in the mountains, not in the valley.
I hope for a good year, not a better year because this year was memorable.  

I don't think we've been stronger, more loving, or happy.  I'm not really sure how you could get a better year than 2012. (Ok, a job for Jake would top the cake) But I am thankful for what happened to us and this year will go down as one of our best.  So we'll step in 2013 and see what it has in store for us.  Here we go...