Sunday, June 15, 2014

a letter {to Lennon}


9 months!  And we took a big leap from last month.  Here is a list of all that you're doing now:

-speed crawling everywhere
-pulling yourself up to standing
-sitting down from standing
-walking while holding our fingers
-two naps: morning and then afternoon
-sleeping through the night
-saying "Hi!" in a really high pitched voice
-waving hello and bye bye
-using the same sign (which looks like a wave) for MORE, FOOD, WATER, and MILK
-finding anything electric: outlets, plugs, computers, phones, and cable box
-feeding yourself a bottle
-understanding the word "no" and totally disregarding it
-gobbling full fisted your favorite food: tomato puffs
-sipping from my cup of water
-standing in the bath

Look at that list!  You can do so much.  You watch your brother and want to do all he's doing.  It's cute, but really just stay little.  I need at least one of you to stay little.  Please.

-love mommy