Wednesday, June 25, 2014

swimming lessons

We've been busy with swimming lessons the past week.  Myer took lessons with his cousin Navy while his other cousin Maddix had swim lessons with another instructor at the same time.  So all 3 were together, learning how to float and blow bubbles in the water.  I remember when I was little, and my sister Jamie and I took lessons together.  It's kind of fun to see our kids together making their own memories.

Myer learned to float on his back, to jump off the diving board, blow bubbles in the water, slide down the slide, "monkey, airplane, soldier", and reach in for diving toys.  He mostly loved his teacher, Natalie.  He couldn't wait to see her each morning and tell her what he ate for breakfast or where his face got more freckles.  So we're glad his teacher let him chat away while he swam because he learned so much.  We'll see how we do without his floatie this summer!