Monday, June 9, 2014

great grandpa and great grandma go to the zoo

My grandma, so Myer's great grandma, asked me and my sister Jamie if we would go to the zoo with her and grandpa, and I said heck yes!  Whose grandma is game for the zoo???  So we showed her around.  We were mostly excited to see the Lions that returned to Hogle as well as the Grizzly Bears.  After that, we just kinda roamed around.  Took some food breaks, potty breaks, diaper change breaks, and of course a carousel break.  I think we did more sitting than looking, but I don't think anyone in our group of peeps minded the slower pace.  We saw lots of busy animals, took our time, and slept so good that night. (Score!)

I'm so lucky to have my grandparents interested in my children that they want to spend the day with them, let alone even to have both of them healthy and strong to do just that.  I'm glad Myer knows his great grandparents and gets just as excited to see them as he would his grandparents.  It was a fun surprise and definitely a great day at the zoo with the greats.