Wednesday, October 15, 2014

a letter {to lennon}


You're officially 13 months (do we still count months?  Or can I just call you my 1 year old?)  In all seriousness, I'm glad I have these month to month letters.  I've been reading Myer's when he was a baby to remind me of milestones, so I look forward to reading yours.  Let's break out the list!

-You are still attached to my hip.  I can't be anywhere without you right there, hanging on my pant leg.  You've also figured out that I leave a few nights a week for work and mutual, so when Dad gets home you don't let go of me.  When I get ready in the morning, you're right there, in the bathroom pulling out everything out of cupboards and drawers.  Then back to my leg.  So I don't take longer than 10 minutes to get ready.  Forget showers!

-You love to play around on beds.  I can't really call it wrestling because you're too precious for that.  You just like to roll around and lay there.  And sigh.  You love Myer's bed the best, espcially when Myer piles on all the stuffed animals.

-Speaking of stuffed animals, those are your favorite toys.  You like to cuddle and hold them.  You also like to put small things in containers like Kleenex boxes, bottles, and buckets.  I can keep you entertained for a constant 10 minutes with an empty bucket and toys. That's when I get ready for the day.

-Your babble is high-pitched and always in the form of a question.  It's got a lot of "da-gulp, gulps" in it as well.  I think you only speak words you know if they are perfect.  So the words you say are "Hi", "Dadda", "Bye bye", "Momma", "Puppy?", and "Baby?".  And they are very clear.  We are still only signing a few words.  Need to work on that more.

-Still not walking which is just fine.  You can sit down and stand up all by yourself, but when it comes to taking a step by yourself, you just get back down to crawling.  I don't mind.  Let's not push that independent/mobility factor just yet.

It makes me smile every day just how YOU are.  You are completely your own personality, look, and manner.  I never thought I'd have a red head and a brunette as my own children, and as just as diverse as your hair colors are, so are your personalities.  You are cuddly, sweet, and happy but also determined, active, and social.  My sweet girl, I love you so much.  We have a special bond that I hope lasts us through it all.  I savor our cuddles and it secretly makes me so so so happy you want me over everyone else.  Don't stop.  Ever.

Love, Mom