Wednesday, October 29, 2014

my early birthday at Frightmares

Jake and I felt like teenagers again, running around Lagoon's Frightmares for my birthday on Saturday.  We hit all the big rides, some more than once, and even the small rides for nostalgia sake.  Our favorite was Wicked.  AND you would be so proud of me, I WENT THROUGH A HAUNTED HOUSE!  I don't think I've done anything scary since I was 11.  Chalk that one up for a birthday to be proud of.  It might have helped to have my husband with me, the one who understands the most how much of a scaredee cat I really am, to get me through a kid friendly haunt.  But one was enough. 
We stayed until the park closed, but not until we got our park treats--a churro and an icee.  Our feet hurt and our necks sore but it was the funnest night.  I love being able to play with Jake because he's basically a teenager at heart.  He makes everything fun.  Thanks for another fun birthday!