Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Elder Thacker Update-- Out of the MTC!

Elder Thacker left the MTC and is now in his mission field.  Here is an expert from his letter:

"Things just got real.  We fit 11 into a 7 person car and drove to the AP's apartments.  Which I was told was nice, but wowzers, we opened the gates and saw concrete, bugs, lizards, and a messy apartment.  So I spent my first night without AC and became best friends with the fan!  All of my batch mates had the upstairs and I had my first bucket shower.  Refreshing.  It's a bit tricky."

"Then we set out to our zone on a Jeepnee and arrived in Cambling, then took a trike to the middle of nowhere and arrived in Pangdangan!  I looked around and saw our home.  I was in shock.  It was just a concrete house with 2 rooms and a bathroom.  Walking in with a smile on my face and set my bags down, planned, and went to work!'

"The last couple of days have been quite the adventure.  In describing where we live I'll just mention a few things for the sake of time.  Just imagine chickens, goats, cows, and dogs everywhere in extremely humble circumstances.  Everyone is happy and friendly though!  My tagalog is starting to improve but the process is painfully slow.  We had a lot of lessons to all sorts of people.  But...wait for it...we had a baptism this week! Brother Jerico (pictured above)  I was able to baptize him! And that was an incredible experience!"

I just love these weekly letters.  I can't imagine learning a language and moving to a country all within two months.  My brother is my new hero.  It's special to see him dressed in white next to a convert.  I hope for many more!  Love you Elder!!