Monday, February 14, 2011

busy v-day

 Yes it's 11:00 p.m. on Valentine's Day.  Would you believe me if I just walked through the door?  Got up at 6, taught from 7:45-9:15, interpreted 10:30-3:00, interpreted play practice 3:00-6:00, drove to AF hospital, and then attended our first prenatal class 7:00-9:45.  It was a full day. (and yes I did eat in there somewhere...). But it is still Valentine's Day nonetheless, even if I am finally enjoying it for just a half hour. 

During my busy day, I get a text from my UVU boss asking to come into the office after my last class.  Instant thought: I'm in trouble. So I stress all day, going through each client, teacher, team, etc.  Nothing comes to mind.  Finally I am done, I speed walk up the office, and low-and-behold, there are flowers for me in the break room from Jake.  Sweet surprise hubs.  I'll take that over a talk with my boss.  But that's not all...

Yes, I was greeted by these lovelies walking through the door 10:00 at night.  (Would you believe me if I already ate two???)  Forget chocolates, give me cupcakes!

Red velvet cake....oh. yum.  
Super spoiled cause on Saturday I got a maternity massage (heaven being on my tummy.  Just bliss) and then we were daring and tried a new place called Stoneground.  (more on that later....) So today I wasn't really expecting anything but secretly I was...thanks Jake for reading my mind.  Cupcakes: how did you know???